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As I was considering a new business model for my staffing company, I realized that I need guidance and expertise from advisors who know my industry.  I was introduced to two partners at Citrin Cooperman, who are well-known in the staffing industry.  After discussing the business model at our initial meeting, I hired their team and have been with the firm for over 20 years.  As staffing industry experts, their advisement has gone beyond standard accounting services to include life insurance advice, structuring of multi-business accounting reports, shareholder’s agreements, and financing needs.  Citrin Cooperman has always been available to me and I highly recommend their staffing practice team.
Richard Eichenberg, President
The Peak Organization, Inc.
We run a family real estate business, and have been working with Ed Roberts and his assistant Joann Heinrich at Citrin Cooperman for several years. After switching accountants several times over the years due to our complicated affairs, we have finally found a team who has the combination of personal service, level of competency, and breadth of experience we need. We have successfully worked with them on a wide variety of issues: everything from monthly bookkeeping of our several different corporate entities; payroll; shareholder withdrawals; payroll tax deposits; annual corporate, personal, and trust tax returns; financial, retirement and estate planning; gifting and business succession planning; and high quality property valuations for IRS discounting and gift tax preparations. They either have excellent in-house help or can refer to others (for example, estate planning attorneys) who also do excellent work.  Additionally, they are a pleasure to work with -- easy to reach despite their large size, friendly, knowledgeable and reliable.  We can't recommend them highly enough!
Featuring Ed Roberts
Marianna Ferrari, Owner/Manager
1202 Coney Island Ave. Corp.
We have worked with Citrin Cooperman for more than 20 years, and have enjoyed a good relationship with the staff and partners who have assisted us over that time. I have a great trust in them and appreciate the care and professionalism they provide to our firm. Their input helps form an important part of our business strategy. It is reassuring that whenever we have any questions, we know that they will be dealt with promptly. They are always willing to adapt to our company's changes and needs. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Citrin Cooperman for many years to come.
Elliot Elzweig, President
Active Staffing Services
Before being referred to Citrin Cooperman, my books and accounting had been a mess for years.  I had a horrible experience with my previous accountant who filed my taxes incorrectly and past the deadline.  My previous accountant never really took the time to understand my business and never seemed to have my best interests at heart.  When I was introduced to Michael Iannuzzi, he immediately wanted to get to know me and my business. He took the time to learn the ins and outs of my business and fully understand my tax situation before making any suggestions. From the moment I met Michael and Paul LiRosi, I felt comfortable and appreciated as a client. They explained everything to me in as much detail as I needed, and were happy to answer any questions or concerns. When filing my taxes last year, they came up with a detailed plan as well as several options to reduce my tax burden. They are always happy to jump on a call to explain any confusion and have been instrumental in getting my books back on track. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with their service and expertise and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Featuring Michael Iannuzzi
Featuring Paul LiRosi
Ashley Klinger, President
Ashley Klinger & Co.
Before Citrin Cooperman, our accounting was an absolute mess. We have been affiliated with Citrin Cooperman for over 10 years now and continue to find them to be instrumental in providing sound business and financial advice, as well as the best direction for tax and accounting related issues.  Ever since Bob Schneider took over the financial part of the business, profitability is enhanced, everything is streamlined, and there is peace of mind. Citrin Cooperman alone is responsible for the direction of our business turning around. We feel comfortable that any and all information provided by Citrin Cooperman is comprehensively reviewed and presented with professional care. My experience with Citrin Cooperman has always been extremely positive.
Featuring Robert Schneider
Joseph Emmets, President
Bayview Consulting
In searching to establish my business as a franchisor I was referred to Citrin Cooperman for accounting and audit services. My experience with the firm has exceeded my expectations. Being new to the franchising world, the guidance, ideas, and overall interest in the success of my business that Citrin Cooperman has provided has gone well beyond just accounting. The service is personalized and I feel that the firm is a valuable partner going forward as we develop a franchising network. I strongly recommend Citrin Cooperman to anyone looking for an experienced accounting firm specializing in franchising.
Michael Gross, Managing Partner
Bounce! Trampoline Sports
Our company has been working with Ed Roberts and Citrin Cooperman for many years now.  We have been extremely satisfied on both a professional and personal level. Professionally, Citrin Cooperman have always had all the skills and resources required to meet our needs.  These needs have included financial reporting and statements, tax preparation, tax planning, payroll reporting, and valuations. Ed Roberts has also always been excellent when it comes to customer service, communication, and in establishing a positive and friendly relationship.  The relationship has been excellent. I would be happy to speak further with anyone interested in retaining Citrin Cooperman.
Featuring Ed Roberts
Jon B. Libman, Director
Camp Hillard
When we outsourced our IT to Citrin Cooperman Technology Consulting, we worried that we would not enjoy the same responsiveness we always had when our IT was in house.  But with CCTC, it’s as if they were a few doors down the hall.  CCTC anticipates and deals with most potential problems long before they affect our business.  But when problems do occur, they mobilize swiftly and get the issue resolved with minimal downtime, so we can get back to work.  They’re not just responsive, they’re pro-active. 
Steven C. Rosenthal, Founder & Executive Director
Cross-Cultural Solutions
One of the very best business decisions I have made was hiring Citrin Cooperman,  specifically, Michael Tolla as our accounting firm and C.P.A. Citrin Cooperman offers many different services, which Crystal Restoration Services has used a number of. One of the important things we have learned is the importance of an excellent accountant in dealing with banks. Mike Tolla has made all the difference! I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend the firm of Citrin Cooperman.
Featuring Michael Tolla
Jean Walker, President
Crystal Restoration Services Inc.
As both an organization and an individual, I have been doing business with Citrin Cooperman for over 14 years. We originally sought their assistance with basic business accounting and tax work, but have grown the portfolio we depend on them for over these years. 

They have assisted us with our ability to go International as we have grown, and provided us services including business strategy, succession planning, and have assisted on a personal basis with my own financial and estate planning, besides our initial needs.

They have become a trusted "partner" in our business. The team assigned to us is always available when we need some advice or work, are timely in deliverables, and their work has proven to be an invaluable asset to us as we have grown by 400%+.

As both a business leader and an individual, I have recommended them consistently to my peers in other verticals.
Brendan Kehoe, President & COO
Effective Media Services
What makes Citrin Cooperman such a quality firm is that they stay with questions longer. At ENT and Allergy Associates, when their assistance is needed on booking complex transactions, we come away knowing they have thoroughly examined every facet of the deal. It allows us to have great confidence in their recommendations.
Arthur Schwacke, Chief Financial Officer
ENT and Allergy Associates, LLP
Our family has been very happy since moving to Citrin Cooperman.  Ed Roberts helped us at a challenging time, with multiple business, trusts, and estates under his guidance.  It is great knowing that we have our accounting in good hands with someone that is responsive, knowledgeable, and a real partner in planning.

Featuring Ed Roberts
Josh Male, Owner/Director
Gate Hill Day Camp
Citrin Cooperman has been very helpful to GO Environmental, LLC for many years. Michael A. " Mike" Tolla, CPA, tax partner with Citrin Cooperman continues to provide expert advice on accounting and bookkeeping, and has provided real insight on how to proceed as an organization. Additionally, Mike is constantly analyzing our internal controls and budgets to improve our efficiency and profitability. Mike is currently assisting GO with succession planning and compensation plans for key employees. Mike and his staff are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating.
Featuring Michael Tolla
Michael R. Granata, Principal
GO Environmental, LLC.
The Bachrach Group has been a client of Citrin Cooperman for over 10 years, during which time we’ve grown over eight times in size and acquired several companies. Bob Schneider and his team have helped us to make sound decisions regarding acquisitions and provided sound tax advice throughout our relationship. Our profits have gone up substantially and we attribute a great deal of our success to having a great team backing us from Citrin Cooperman. I highly recommend Citrin Cooperman to any Company looking for an accounting firm, not only to give solid accounting advice, but also sound consulting and planning advice.
Featuring Robert Schneider
Richard Bachrach, President
The Bachrach Group, Ltd.
Sean’s comprehensive knowledge of accounting and tax issues combined with his solid construction industry expertise results in a rare ability to provide practical advice and suggestions to his clients.  
Sean functions as a team member of our management and rolls up his sleeves to solve whatever problems may arise.  He has an outstanding reputation and his extensive contacts have resulted in his strong understanding of current industry trends and best company management practices.
In addition to being our financial advisor, Sean has successfully guided our company with many other matters requiring assistance as the business has evolved.  Some matters include the difficult task of transferring ownership from one generation to the next as well as assisting in reevaluating our entire estate plan.  He is accessible, thoughtful and insightful in communicating with us as we lay out our plan and vision for our company.
It is these attributes that make Sean a wonderful addition to our team.  We look forward to working with Sean as he continues to advise us on how to grow and strengthen our firm.
Featuring Sean Killgoar
William L. French, Jr., President
W.L. French Excavating Corporation