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Nov 12, 2013

Healthcare Practice Whitepaper: "Physician Compensation: A Brave New World"

Featuring Alan Badey, John Bryan

Once upon a time, there were medical practices here, and hospitals there, and traditional indemnity plans covered the bulk of their fees. And it worked.

Then, everything changed. In a brief 20-year span, managed care supplanted indemnity plans. Rules surrounding Medicare became more stringent. Health insurers became the rate setters and reimbursement dictators. And the pendulum of power— and compensation — swung away from physicians.

A recent survey by The Medicus Firm, a national physician recruiting firm, found that physician income growth stalled from 2009 to 2010. Over 30 percent of respondents attributed the lack of income growth to declining reimbursements, and 61 percent expressed dissatisfaction with their 2010 income. Today, it’s a brave new world of physician compensation. The
medical profession is still coming to grips with it, and trying to decide what its next move might be.

In light of that, it’s prudent to take a look at the new medical landscape and the trends that are determining how today’s
physicians are paid.

Click here  to read the full whitepaper.